Rubin Museum, Safer Ramps

Background: The RUBIN Museum of Art in New York City installed two new aluminum diamond plate ramps on hallway stairs leading from the freight entrance to the museum. The ramps were designed to allow faster transit of artwork and museum supplies.

Problem: Ramps are steep and did not provide adequate traction so slipping was a major concern. Non Slip Tape was considered but based on past experience the RUBIN engineering personnel questioned tape’s adhesion to an irregular surface and long term durability when exposed to heavy traffic. Life span of tape was predicted to be less than 6 months at a cost of around $200.

Solution: 1” wide stripes of Form-A-Tread® Black, spaced 4” apart, were installed perpendicular to the direction of traffic the entire length of both ramps. The ramps are exposed to heavy traffic so Tread Grit™ was applied for additional traction and durability.

Installation Time: Under 2 hours. Form-A-Tread was installed in the late afternoon and allowed to cure overnight. Ramps were ready to receive traffic by museum opening the next morning. One RUBIN employee performed the entire installation. Temperature of install area = 75°F.

Cost and Life Span: Total material cost = $345. Estimate of installation life span is over 3 years.

Summary: The RUBIN was very pleased with the ease of the Form-A-Tread installation and have already benefited from increased safety in the transit area. The 5 year material cost savings compared to anti-slip tape = $1,655.