Empire State Building Improves Safety with Form-A-Tread®

The Empire State Building receiving dock ships and receives several dozen shipments from UPS, FedEx, local carriers, and distributors each day.

Most of these shipments are transported on an aluminum cart with hard wheels. To transport the material to and from the street level to the dock level freight elevator, drivers must push the sometimes very heavy carts up a smooth and slippery metal ramp.

In the past traction tape and coatings were applied and reapplied to the ramp surface but these solutions were only moderately effective and proved to be only temporary, often lasting only a few weeks.

Form-A-Tread – a 100% epoxy-based safety material – cures hard and durable and has excellent adhesion to metal. Form-A-Tread contains anti-slip aggregate so provides years of traction even if exposed to heavy traffic.

Feedback from delivery drivers regarding the increased safety and traction on the ramp at the Empire State Building receiving dock has been extremely positive.

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