Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Form-A-Tread adhere to?

    All common building materials like concrete, masonry, wood, glass, ceramic tile, stone, fiberglass and metal. Form-A-Tread will also adhere to most rigid plastics but should be tested prior to application. Form-A-Tread will not adhere to polyethylene and polypropylene. For best results, ensure surface is clean, sound and dry before application.

  • What can I do if Form-A-Tread is too difficult to dispense?

    Condition cartridge by warming to at least 75°F. Use a hi-strength caulking gun with a 26:1 thrust ratio.

  • What surface preparation do you recommend before applying Form-A-Tread?

    Surfaces should be clean, dry and sound before applying Form-A-Tread to ensure long term adhesion, durability and effectiveness.

    Concrete should be cleaned with a stiff wire brush to remove surface contaminants. Use a vacuum to remove the remaining concrete dust.

    Grease or oil soaked porous surfaces like concrete should be thoroughly cleaned with a power washer to remove these contaminants.

    Very dirty, grease or oil contaminated non-porous surfaces like metal, fiberglass and composite wood should be cleaned with a solvent based cleaner.

    A water based degreaser/cleaner can also be used but with caution.  If water based cleaners are not completely rinsed off of the surface after use they can act as a barrier and prevent proper adhesion.

  • What is the best surface preparation steps to use before applying Form-A-Tread to very smooth marble, tile, aluminum or steel surfaces?

    For longest term adhesion, proper surface preparation is important, especially on smooth surfaces.

    Here are the steps we have found to give best results:

    1. Remove old traction tape, adhesive residue and dirt
    2. Wipe surface with Acetone and clean cloth
    3. Use 30 to 40 grit sandpaper or flap wheel to roughen up / scratch surface where Form-A-Tread will be applied
    4. Wipe surface again with Acetone and clean cloth
  • When can I walk or drive on Form-A-Tread after application?

    Wait at least 24 hours for full cure. In hot climates the time is reduced. In cold climates the time for full cure is extended. Always check before opening area to traffic.

  • Can Form-A-Tread be used for indoor and outdoor applications?

    Yes, it has excellent UV resistance and holds up to weather extremes.

  • Can Form-A-Tread be applied to a damp surface?

    Yes, but adhesive strength may be reduced.

  • Can Form-A-Tread be applied to a sloping or vertical surface?

    It has a thick, no drip consistency so can be applied to sloping surfaces. On vertical surfaces it can be applied up to 1/16” (3mm) thick.

  • Can Form-A-Tread withstand vehicle traffic?

    Yes, Form-A-Tread has excellent durability and abrasion resistance.

  • Is Form-A-Tread paintable?

    Yes, sand surface lightly and clean for best paint adhesion.

  • What is the best way to remove Form-A-Tread?

    Before full cure use a sharp metal scraper. After full cure (24 hours) us a hammer and chisel.

  • Can Form-A-Tread be used around pools and other areas exposed to moisture, chlorinated water and sunlight?

    Yes, it has excellent chemical, moisture and UV resistance.

  • For cold weather use, what is the minimum application temperature?

    A minimum ambient temperature of 60°F (16°C) is recommended for best results; condition the cartridge to 75°F (24°C) for easiest dispensing and predictable curing (see Technical Data Sheet). Form-A-Tread can be used when ambient temperature is below 60°F (16°C) but the Working, Tack Free and Full Cure Times will be increased. To offset the effects of colder temperatures the cartridge can be warmed to above 75°F (24°C). Never warm cartridge to more than 100°F (38°C). NOTE: Increasing temperature of Form-A-Tread will speed up cure rate (reduce Working Time). Do not apply Form-A-Tread when ambient temperature is below 45°F (7°C).

  • What types of commercial applications are there for Form-A-Tread?

    Form-A-Tread can be used in a wide range of commercial applications to include Theme Parks, Universities, Stadiums, Arenas, Hospitals, Senior Living Communities, Restaurants and Transportation Centers such as Airports and Marine Terminals and Ports and Rail Stations.  Form-A-Tread can also be used in Transportation applications like step/delivery vans, various commercial vehicles and slippery metal ladder rungs on ships, tug boats, and train cars.  Form-A-Tread’s 100% epoxy formula is extremely chemical, temperature and UV resistant so can withstand the demands of the commercial environment.

  • What types of residential applications are there for Form-A-Tread?

    Form-A-Tread adheres to any common building surface so is excellent on concrete, masonry, wood, and composite wood steps and ramps. Homeowners can improve safety and visibility on wood, metal and concrete basement steps.  Form-A-Tread can also improve traction on exterior surfaces like composite wood decks, steps and ramps that can become slippery when wet.  Form-A-Tread is non porous so will not support the growth of slippery algae that is often found on outdoor wood and concrete steps in humid environments.  Form-A-Tread’s proprietary formula is solvent free, contains no isocyanates, is non-flammable, very low odor and contains NO VOC’s so is extremely safe, even for the residential customer.

  • For hot weather use, what is the maximum application temperature?

    A maximum ambient temperature of 90°F (32°C) is recommended for best results. In direct sunlight surface temperature can be above 90°F (32°C) even if ambient temperature is below this level.   Higher ambient and surface temperature will speed up cure rate (reduce Working Time).   Do not apply Form-A-Tread if ambient or surface temperature is above 90°F (32°C).

  • Is it easy enough for homeowners to use without needing a contractor?

    Yes, homeowners who have previously used chemical products like caulks, sealants or epoxy adhesives around the home should find the installation of Form-A-Tread very doable. Cartridge preparation and material installation diagrams and written instructions appear on every cartridge label. Form-A-Tread’s proprietary formula is solvent free, contains no isocyanates, is non-flammable, very low odor and contains NO VOC’s so is extremely safe, even for the residential customer.

  • What safety issues can Form-A-Tread help to address?

    The surface of existing steps and ramps are often slippery.   Some have built in treads or grooves but often they are worn and no longer effective. Form-A-Tread is a cost effective and extremely durable solution to significantly increase traction (Wet SCOF = 0.71 with Tread Grit HD applied to refusal) on existing stairs and ramps.

    Slips and falls on existing steps, ladders and ramps are often caused by the inability to see the surface where one is stepping.  Poor visibility and depth perception can happen if the steps are all the same color, the ramp or steps are not well lit or the steps or ramp is used by those with poor vision.  To improve visibility and therefore safety on existing steps Form-A-Tread Safety Yellow is often applied to the first and last step and at the top and bottom of a ramps.

    Form-A-Tread can be matched to any color which allow for further customization.

  • How does Form-A-Tread work? 

    EZ Form®, supplied with the kit, is used to mask off  a 1″ wide tread.  Form-A-Tread, a 100% epoxy is applied in the Form and is then spread to the level of the EZ Form, creating an approximate 1/32” thick tread.  The EZ Form is removed within 30 minutes after application.  Form-A-Tread is ready to receive traffic in 8 to 16 hours depending on temperature. Tread Grit HD (Heavy Duty), Tread Grit LD (Light Duty – skin friendly) and Tread Grit WS (Walnut Shell – natural appearance) can also be topically applied to the surface of Form-A-Tread immediately after spreading to provide an even more customized tread.

  • What exactly is Form-A-Tread?

    Form-A-Tread is durable and economical “form in place” epoxy Kit used as a retrofit solution to increase safety on stairs, ramps, ladders, scaffolding, wet surfaces and anywhere increased safety, traction and visibility are needed. Form-A-Tread is often used as a retrofit solution on existing structures since it is easier and more economical to install when compared to bolt  or glued on treads. Form-A-Tread is a 100% epoxy and is supplied as a complete installation kit (manual dispensing tool supplied separately) to include Cartridge, Mix Nozzles, Form Tape, Spreader and disposable safety gloves. The Form-A-Tread epoxy formula contains anti slip aggregate (no “shake before use” required), so unlike anti slip tape that only has the aggregate on the surface, as Form-A-Tread it wears, additional aggregate is exposed, providing years of safety, traction and visibility.  Form-A-Tread is a 100% epoxy formula that contains special UV inhibitors so can be used indoors or out.