Technical Data

Physical Properties

Physical PropertiesASTMValue
Color (Part A)Various
Color (Part B)Neutral
Color (mixed)*Various
Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume
Working Time**CC88130 Minutes
Full Cure Time**CC8818 Hours
Hardness, Shore D D224075 (+/-5)
Compressive Strength, 7 days D69511,000 psi
Specific Gravity, mixed 1.27 g/ml
Bond Strength C8821,600 psi
Temp. Resistance-20°F - 200°F
% VOC EPA Method 240
Slip Resistance, Wet***F6090.71 (SCOF)

*Standard Colors Black and Safety Yellow; Custom Colors Available

**Based on Testing at 75°F (24°C)

Note: Lower temperature slows cure; higher temperature accelerates cure

***Based on Tread Grit® HD (Heavy Duty) Application to Point of Refusal

Cure Schedule

Ambient TemperatureWorking TimeFull Cure Time
55°F (13°C)45 min12 hours
75°F (24°C)30 min8 hours
95°F (35°C)15 min3 hours
  1. Times are approximate and are based on 75°F (24°C) cartridge temperature.
  2. Surface temperature will also affect cure time. Higher surface temperature accelerates cure.
  3. In cold weather, warm cartridge to accelerate cure and material flow.

Linear Coverage per 400ml Kit (ft.)*

Tread WidthLinear Coverage

* Based on 1/32″ thickness using 1” EZ Form™ (Item EZF1.0-xx) Coverage also varies depending on surface type and application thickness.

Safety Data Sheets

SDS, Form-A-Tread, Part A, Resin
SDS, Form-A-Tread, Part B, Hardener