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Slipping & Tripping Hazard – Stairway Entry: Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY – March 2019

Client: New York Yankees
Site: Yankee Stadium
Area Addressed: Jerome Ave Gate 2 – Concourse Level Stairway
Problem: Narrow stairway with poor visibility
Product: Form-A-Tread, Yellow & Black
Days to Complete: 1
Replaced: Paints & Tapes


Yankee Stadium is one of the most iconic ballparks—home of the most famous team in American sports. Yet, the facility management was experiencing a reoccurring problem with one of the park’s main access points to the stadium—Gate 2 on Jerome Avenue. Once fans enter this gate, they must climb 14 steps up to the Concourse, from where they can access lower level seats or the bleachers. This stairway is only 30’ wide and divided by four handrails, making it difficult to maneuver and a slipping and tripping hazard. Since the new stadium’s opening in 2009, the step noses were repeatedly painted yellow for visibility with aggregate added into the paint to improve traction. While gate 2 isn’t even the ballparks’most heavily used gate, the painting did not last long under foot traffic and the hazard issue was not resolved with any permanence. One year after application, the treads are still highly functioning and protecting patrons.

Using Form-A-Tread® Safety Yellow, two “1” treads were installed on the top and bottom steps for a visual and tactile indicator. A 1 1/2” black tread was applied on all the middle steps. With the combination of a highly durable product and Form-A-Tread’s experience addressing similar issues, the installation has eliminated the interim maintenance the paint required, providing superior traction and visibility while maintaining the professional appearance that the Yankees demand.

One year after application, the treads are still highly functioning and protecting patrons.


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