How to Properly Prepare and Balance the Form-A-Tread® Cartridge

Reduce injuries and liability from slip, trip and falls with FORM-A-TREAD®!

El Form-A-Tread es la manera más sencilla de mejorar la seguridad de cualquier tipo de superficie

Form-A-Tread Introduction and Installation using Form Tape

Meet ICC and ANSI A117.1-2017, Sect. 504 Stairways, Para. 504.6 Visual Contrast, with Form-A-Tread®

How To Resurface a Melcher Composite Ramp using the FORM-A-TREAD SL (Self Leveling) KIT

Installation Instructions


Form-A-Tread® Original

Download Form-A-Tread Original Installation Instructions PDF.


Form-A-Tread® Glow

Download Form-A-Tread Glow Installation Instructions PDF.

Product Specification/Technical Sheet


Form-A-Tread® Original

Download Form-A-Tread Original Product Specification/Technical Sheet.


Form-A-Tread® Glow

Download Form-A-Tread Glow Product Specification/Technical Sheet.

Chemical Resistance Chart



Download Form-A-Tread Chemical Resistance Chart.


What does Form-A-Tread adhere to?

All common building materials like concrete, masonry, wood, glass, ceramic tile, stone, fiberglass and metal. Form-A-Tread will also adhere to most rigid plastics but should be tested prior to application. Form-A-Tread will not adhere to polyethylene and polypropylene. For best results, ensure surface is clean, sound and dry before application.

What can I do if Form-A-Tread is too difficult to dispense?

Condition cartridge by warming to at least 75°F. Use a hi-strength caulking gun with a 26:1 thrust ratio.

What surface preparation do you recommend before applying Form-A-Tread?

Surfaces should be clean, dry and sound before applying Form-A-Tread to ensure long term adhesion, durability and effectiveness.

Concrete should be cleaned with a stiff wire brush to remove surface contaminants. Use a vacuum to remove the remaining concrete dust.

Grease or oil soaked porous surfaces like concrete should be thoroughly cleaned with a power washer to remove these contaminants.

Very dirty, grease or oil contaminated non-porous surfaces like metal, fiberglass and composite wood should be cleaned with a solvent based cleaner.

Water based degreased/cleaner can also be used but with caution. If water based cleaners are not completely rinsed off of the surface after use they can act as a barrier and prevent proper adhesion.

What is the best surface preparation steps to use before applying Form-A-Tread to very smooth marble, tile, aluminum or steel surfaces?

For longest term adhesion, proper surface preparation is important, especially on smooth surfaces.

Here are the steps we have found to give best results:

  • Remove old traction tape, adhesive residue and dirt
  • Wipe surface with Acetone and clean cloth
  • Use 30 to 40 grit sandpaper or flap wheel to roughen up / scratch surface where Form-A-Tread will be applied
  • Wipe surface again with Acetone and clean cloth

Form-A-Tread Company, division of RGF Materials Company (LLC), is certified by the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).


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